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LogAI vs Existing Log Solutions


LogAI is focused on automated real-time Network Operations, creating operationally relevant insights at the speed of streaming log data, and automatically responding based on customer preference. This is in contrast to storing as many logs, for as long as possible, with query capability. LogAI does provide structured and regex query as well, more on that below. Keep reading to find out how LogAI is not your typical log solution. 

Store and Search 

Splunk, Elastic Search, and similar companies provide a great service to IT organizations. They ingest many different types of logs, and they store huge amounts of data that can be searched. They are also marketing the kinds of query capability that is increasingly being referred to as observability. Lastly, they say they are integrating AIOps capabilities. 

Augtera views these solutions as being valuable IT tools which LogAI is complementary to. There are use cases for LogAI receiving log data from these tools, doing purpose-built network analysis, and then sending AI insights back. We view our capabilities as being purpose-built for automated Network Operations and many other log / AIOps tools as not being.

Performance, Efficiency, & Effectiveness 

LogAI is already in production, processing 1 billion+ log messages per day in some deployments, without drops, and without the length of lags that force analysis engines to make a tradeoff between processing queued messages or dropping them in favor of the most recent messages.  

To achieve this, Augtera spent many years developing algorithms and code that have both high-performance, and high efficiency. Network Operations IT resources are not infinite. Quite the opposite, often they are constrained. Our goal is not to store as many log messages as possible indefinitely, our goal is to produce as many operationally relevant insights as possible and automate response. It is a different mindset and design objective.  

Customer Outcomes 

LogAI focuses on a different set of outcomes, including: 

  • Collective learning across the entire customer base 
  • High-performance log signature matching with customer-defined responses 
  • Detection of rare / new log messages, as they appear, that often precede an outage 
  • Metric extraction with purpose-built anomaly detection algorithms 
  • Message rate burst detection 
  • Structured log query while also supporting regex 
  • Automated ticketing 
  • Automated mitigation & remediation 
  • Topology-aware correlation across many data sources 

In summary, automated real-time network operations. 


LogAI is a new log experience. Complementary to existing log solutions, capable of receiving logs from them, and publishing insights back to them. The core LogAI technology can be adapted to any log format, but today Augtera is focused on meeting the needs of Network Operations teams, rather than being a single tool for all IT.  

To learn more about LogAI, visit the LogAI Solution page.