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Mark Seery – Why I Joined Augtera

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Mark Seery “The opportunity for network operations transformation is clear”.

It has become clear that network operations teams are drowning in a sea of data: false positives, increasing data sources, data types, and data velocity. Despite the available data, many anomalies go undetected. No human or team of humans can process the data in a timely or effective manner. Operations teams can no longer operate in reactive mode, they must predict anomalies and be proactive. Change is needed. 

That change is AI/ML-powered network operations. Powerful platforms that distill huge amounts of data into high-fidelity signals for both trouble ticketing and automation. The net result is fewer, higher-value, interrupts for operations teams, even after the discovery of anomalies that never would have been seen before. Simple observability – the ability to inspect the current state of the network – is not enough.  NetOps teams need the ability to see the unseen and take action before incidents occur. 

Augtera’s customers have publicly stated that 50% of anomalies detected by Augtera were not detected by existing operations tools. This is not just more noise; these are high-fidelity signals. Some Enterprises are seeing an order of magnitude reduction in incidents, dramatically improving productivity. Augtera detects gray failures that are impacting network conditions today and will lead to network downtime tomorrow. Augtera also detects anomalies the first time they happen. It’s hard to write a REGEX rule for something that hasn’t happened yet. 

I have for a number of years been writing about augmented operations, and I believe that era has arrived. AI/ML-based network operation is ready to be taken out of the lab and put into production

As a marketer, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to tell great stories about exceptional products & services that are making a significant difference. Augtera has proven its value to multiple Enterprises and Service Providers. Working at Augtera provides the opportunity to evangelize great customer outcomes, and the Augtera value proposition, so other network operations teams can benefit. A new era in network operations is here, and I am excited to be involved in telling that story.