Network AI Platform

Network AI Platform Introduction

Augtera Networks Network AI platform is AIOps for network operations that goes beyond monitoring and observability. The Augtera network-specialized multivendor, multilayer, and multicloud platform has been developed with the intent of sub-second detection and mitigation, as well as proactive prevention of future incidents.

Augtera customers are achieving dramatic KPI improvement, including:

  • 90%+ reduction in MTTD
  • 50%+ reduction in MTT mitigation (MTTM)
  • 40%+ reduction in MTTR
  • 4x improvement in mean time between incidents (MBTI)

Network AI is a 3rd Generation Network Operations Platform

Network AI ingests data from many sources and provides visualizations and drill downs. However, the data collected is not just used for monitoring. Data is normalized and stored, enabling backward looking adhoc queries for analysis and manual correlation. However, Network AI is not only an observability tool. Network AI goes beyond monitoring and observability, delivering automated detection, correlation, and operationally relevant notification.

Augtera's 3rd Generation Network AI Platform
Augtera’s 3rd Generation Network Operations Platform

Network AI learns from data, creates network-specialized algorithm-driven models. The platform continuously mines all the data for anomalies and signs of future anomalies. 24X7. The core technology is complemented with NetOps process / workflow integration such as smart policy-driven automated ticketing.

For background information on the application of AI in Network, use this link.

The Augtera Network AI platform provides an end-to-end solution that integrates with your operational workflows and deploys either on-premise as a set of micro-services that can each scale horizontally on a cluster of VMs or can be consumed as SaaS. 

Holistic Data Ingestion

Built to ingest and normalize every data point via SNMP, syslog, telemetry streaming (OpenConfig based gRPC/gNMI or protobuf), sFlow, IPFIX, ERSPAN, REST APIs, TWAMP, Augtera and 3rd party synthetic probes, Augtera streaming API, Kafka and custom data sources. Your custom JSON data can be dynamically normalized.

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Auto-discovered Network Model

All nodes, relationships and attributes of the network are automatically discovered across physical and virtual topologies including data center, multi-cloud, SD-WAN and WAN network domains. Protocols and network technologies that are supported include Layer 2, IGP, BGP, MPLS, L3VPN and EVPN. A very wide range of network constructs and components are supported

Automated Anomaly Detection

9+ proprietary, network-specific, ML algorithms built from the ground up that autonomously learn the patterns of all network infrastructure, application flow and SLA timeseries metrics as well as syslog text, build online models and predict operational anomalies in real-time. This enables proactive detection before brewing network issues and grey failures explode into downtime and business impact.

Network AI platform Automated Anomaly Detection

Example – Augtera learns the normal seasonal pattern with cyclical spikes and predicts the unexpected metric behavior as an anomaly

Multi-Layer Autocorrelation

Proprietary machine learning algorithm that is multi-layer network topology aware and correlates network events and Augtera anomalies across multiple data sources automatically. This enables operators to proactively receive notifications of correlated network issues with high fidelity context, further reducing ticketing noise and enabling rapid root cause analysis and remediation.

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Example – Auto-correlated Incident with 11 synthetic probe RTT / Loss and interface packet drop anomalies in the data center fabric

Automated log analysis:

Augtera automatically classifies log data and quickly detects pattern changes and behavioral anomalies that other systems can’t find. Augtera also leverages proprietary NLP and Machine Learning to find zero-day anomalies in log data. These anomalies enable automatic detection and notification of operationally relevant logs when they first occur.

Network AI platform automated log analysis

Multi-Layer Assisted Correlation

Network AI platform multilayer assisted correlation

Physical and virtual topology visualizations with an overlay of network events and anomalies across multiple data sources with time machine support. This assists the operator to rapidly diagnose the root cause when there are complaints from application

Automated Workflows

Simplified and flexible workflows for different teams driven by operator intent supporting ad-hoc analytics, notifications (slack, syslog, kafka), and automated ticketing integration (Service Now). Out of the box and custom Views with rich metadata aware filters (e.g., choose to notifiy only certain types of anomalies on certain types of dervices) are used to define what types of anomalies, events and auto-correlated needles consoles, ticketing systems, and automation systems should be notified about.

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Visualizations and Dashboards

Network AI platform visualization and dashboards

Real-time ad-hoc visualizations of topology, metric, event and syslog analytics, anomalies, auto-correlated incidents

DevOps friendly APIs

The destination is automation. This requires a platform that is API-native in every direction to enable devOps workflows and take the last step from proactively detecting an issue to taking action.

  • Augtera streaming API for custom data 
  • Kafka to send standard or custom data
  • API to continuously update metadata
  • Notify Augtera anomalies to Kafka or syslog
  • REST APIs for ad-hoc querying and analytics across all data sources powered by rich filtering over network data and Augtera generated AI needles.
DevOps frienddly Network AI platform
Augtera Platform APIs

Enterprise and Provider Class Capabilities

Designed with support for operational capabilities and scale that enterprises and providers need.

  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Multi-tenancy to support different teams or even to provide Augtera AI insights to your customers
  • High availability
  • Proven at scale in hyper-scale deployment

Noiseless anomaly detection, root identification, and policy-based notification all combine to deliver operationally relevant needles, continuously, and proactively, from a data haystack that was previously only mined manually, infrequently, and reactively.

eCommerce hyperscalers, service providers, leading financials, retailers, and other Enterprises are adopting the Augtera Network AI platform for its ability to transform network operations. Detection, mitigation, and remediation times are decreased by 60% to 90%, with network engineer action occurring in less than one minute. 

Billions of data points per day are analyzed in real-time, continuously, and automatically. Noise is eliminated, skilled operations resources are focused sooner on fewer, highly relevant incidents. Operations teams can also have more time, to proactively respond to gray failures and other emerging trends, preventing future incidents.

A new platform, designed from the ground up, to streamline the process of getting to mitigation as fast as possible. 

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