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Augtera Network AI solutions are domain specific, for example Data Center, as well as applicable to all domains, for example Real-Time LogAI.

Data Center Solution

Data centers continue to be a growth area for capital expenditures. This growth, combined with simplified device architectures but a much larger number of network objects to manage, has left network operations teams overwhelmed with data. The Augtera Data Center network solution eliminates this problem by focusing operations teams, ticketing systems, and automation systems on fewer, higher quality data points.

The Augtera platform transforms manual, reactive, and noisy to automated, proactive, and relevant for the following data center areas:

  • Applications
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Underlays and Overlays
  • Switches & routers
  • Firewalls and Load Balancers

For more information, go to: Data Center

LogAI Solution

Logs are most commonly used for mining forensics after a failure. Automated, real-time LogAI provides more accurate reports on anomalies as they occur, and with zero day anomalies, before they have occurred. This changes logs from being manual and ad-hoc to being automated and continuous.

Augtera is the leading provider of a Automated, Real-Time Log solution:

  • Collective learning classifiers incorporate the experiences of all customers
  • Natural Language Processing-based Rare / new log messages that often precede outages
  • Metric extraction + Metric algorithms
  • Structured TAG-based query and regex
  • ITSM integrations include ServiceNow (for automated ticketing) and Slack (for collaborative NetOps).
  • Kafka topic pub with message augmentation (meta-data, protocol data, etc.)
LogAI solution is the most complete automated, real-time log solution on the market.

For more information, read: LogAI

SD-WAN Solution

Refer to the following resources:

Hybrid / Multi-cloud Solution

Refer to the following resources:

Noise Elimination Solution

Refer to the following resource:

Automated Ticketing Solution

The core of Augtera’s Automated Ticketing solution is comprehensive, end-to-end AIOps Platform-based noise elimination. Trouble tickets are often used to allocate skilled resources. As a result, operations teams have a low tolerance for noise being injected into ticketing systems. Augtera has passed this customer trust threshold, at scale.

To this core, Augtera creates a production-proven solution that not only uses the APIs of ticketing systems like ServiceNow, but uses them to perform duplicate ticket suppression, and to attach child tickets to existing parent tickets.

Augtera’s Automated Ticketing solution has enabled network operations teams to move from manual and reactive ticketing when a customer or application team complains, to automated and proactive ticketing before a customer or application team complains. Network operations teams have seen 100+ alarms reduced to 1 incident ticket, and maintenance alarms reduced to 0 incident tickets. In addition, MTTD has been reduced by 90%, MTTM by 50%+, and MTTR by 40%+.

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