Strike!! May Sales Kick Off (SKO) Meeting

bowling night

Knock wood, it feels like the world is getting back to “normal”. In-person conferences, face-to-face customer meetings, and even getting the team together for a Sales Kick Off (SKO). Many companies have an annual SKO. Life at a startup is different. The team must get together more often, to discuss the big issues, set focus, and fuel growth. Last week, Augtera held its May SKO.

It was a typical SKO affair. Regional reports. Marketing directions. Lead generation, Product roadmaps, Solutions etc. All-day meetings that are necessary and stimulating, but also deserving of a reward for ploughing through and doing the hard work.

One of the entertainment events was bowling in Cupertino. Locals can guess the location. Getting a mix of nerds and sales/marketing people on to a bowling alley is a recipe for laughs, good times, and bonding. It goes without saying, the ultra-competitive sales folk beat everyone else. For sales, winning is not everything, it is the only thing!! Winning is a habit, a good one.

Augtera Networks is growing. Every SKO brings new people together for the first time. It is an opportunity to put a name to a face, create relationships that facilitate collaboration, share successes, and brainstorm the way through challenges. A fun time was had by all!