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Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials both illustrate that Augtera Networks delivers the platform and solutions network operations needs today, and that it has been proven in production environments.

Reviews and testimonials for Augtera Network AI
Augtera Networks turns the data haystack into “AI needles”

Read Reviews and testimonials below.


“…detailed solutions based on that data for engineers to be proactive and remain in the front of major infrastructure issues.”
Girard Kavelines

“One of the big things that I thought Augtera did to differentiate themselves from other platforms was the completeness of what they showed”
Dan Kelcher

“I can finally start to see the real application of all the hype around ML.”
Jeremy Schulman

“I am pleased to see Augtera’s recognition of alert fatigue.”
Jordan Villarreal

“They presented for two hours, and I was locked in every moment like watching and intense action movie. Very impressed, big expectations.”
Jeremy Schulman


“After more than a year of deployment in production infrastructure, the platform has shown instrumental results and demonstrated several use cases”, Jean-Louis Le Roux, VP Global Wholesale Enterprise Network within Orange.

“Colt has learned how to create added value to customers by using AI/ML”. Mirko Voltolini, VP Strategy & Innovation, at Colt Technology Services.

“We are partnering with Augtera Networks to bring the benefits of AI Augmented operations to our customers”, Sean Okamato, VP / COO of NetOne Systems, USA, Inc.

“We have detected several important anomalies such as traffic loops [..] and they were detected before any customer impact,” Global MSP

“Anomaly detection results are excellent,” Fortune 500 Financial

“50% of Augtera anomalies are not detected by existing tools”, Orange

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