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What is Network AIOps?
Messaging from all Observability and AIOps solutions can sound similar. The devil is in the …
What is AIOps?
While there are abstract similarities between vendors who position themselves as “AIOps” the ruber hits …
Unlocking the Network with Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies with Augtera AI Network Pulse
This white paper discusses the network operations challenges that are addressed by using Dell Enterprise …
Traffic Visualization
Intelligent traffic visibility with auto-discovered network model and automated machine learning.
SONiC and Network AI
Industry leading network operations / SONiC NetOps experience from Dell Technologies and Augtera Networks, incorporating …
Proactive Network Brownout Detection to Resolve Application Issue
Organizations are blind to more than 60% of their network brownouts. Demonstration of proactive detection.
Proactive Multi-Cloud Performance Visibility
Multi-cloud Loss, Latency, and Traffic Observability
Proactive Detection of Environmental Degradation
Proactive notification from Augtera enabled the operator to prevent an outage by getting ahead of …
Podcast: Packet Pushers – Augtera Network AI Automates NetOps And Works To Prevent Incidents
Founder and CEO Rahul Aggarwal chats with Packet Pushers how Augtera’s purpose-built AI platform improves …
Podcast: Art of Engineering – Augtera Networks Overview
Founder and CEO Rahul Aggarwal chats with The Art of Engineering about Augtera Networks, Network …
Packet Pushers Tech Bytes: Augtera Builds AIOps Specifically For Networking
Packet Pushers podcast providing an introduction to Network AI / AIOps by Augtera Networks Founder …
ONUG 2021 Executive Roundtable
ONUG 2021 Executive Roundtable on AI with eBay, Dell, Colt, Orange, and Roy Chua.