Orange integrates Augtera Network AI platform to its NOC tools to leverage AI/ML in daily network operations. This will reduce Network Operation Centers alarms by 70% and prevent failures.
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Experience how Augtera AI prevents up to 50% incidents and automates operations your Network and Applications.
Leapfrog network monitoring with network AI

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  • Prevent application degradation
  • Prevent hardware failures
  • Detect grey failures
  • Topology based auto-correlation
  • Noiseless tickets
  • Synthetic probes with ML
  • Real-time network & infra observability
  • Map anomalies on actual flow path
  • LogAI based unknown unknowns
  • Collective learning for known unknowns
  • NOC, SRE, NetSec, Eng, CloudOps use cases
  • Metrics, logs, topology at scale


Submit the form above to schedule activation and deployment with an Augtera engineer. Discuss with the engineer free trial options with data from your lab or Augtera lab. Or discuss options for a production trial. Choose your use cases.


Deploy Augtera collector or platform stack on-premise, with the support on an Augtera engineer, for SaaS or on-premise trial.


See Augtera AI in action as it addresses your trial use cases. Experience real-time notifications, tickets and UI visualization that you can share with your team in real-time. Leverage optional training with an Augtera engineer.


Evaluate your use cases based on success criteria that you define with the Augtera engineer. Receive a comprehensive trial report with technical and business outcomes to share with your stake holders.
From reactive to preventive
50% prevention of incidents
70% insights not detected by other tools
Automate network operations
60%+ reduction in manual root cause analysis and resolution
90% reduction in detection time
Eliminate noise
Remove silos
Reveal if the network is the cause of application issues
Dramatic increase in application uptime and perfomance
What Our Customers Say

Orange International Network Infrastructure and Services (OINIS) has deployed Augtera Networks in the backbone to determine how AI/ML could help detecting grey failures before service interruption.

Jean-Louis Le Roux, VP Global Wholesale Entreprise Network within Orange
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Our collaboration with Augtera and its AI platform offers customers cross-layer, actionable insights they need for this increased visibility.

Ihab Tarazi, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Networking and Solutions, Dell Technologies
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Eventually Colt has learned how to create added-value to customers by using AI/ML technology and to enable a differentiation in the market.

Mirko Voltolini, VP Strategy & Innovation at Colt Technology Services
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We have setup Augtera Network AI platform to demonstrate its exciting potential and are partnering with Augtera to bring the benefits of AI augmented operations to our customers.

Sean Okamoto VP, COO of Net One Systems USA, Inc.
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