Orange integrates Augtera Network AI platform to its NOC tools to leverage AI/ML in daily network operations. This will reduce Network Operation Centers alarms by 70% and prevent failures.

Service Providers: “Time to get AI/ML out of the labs and into production”

Palo Alto, Calif., April 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Augtera Networks the industry leader in AI/ML-powered Network Operations platforms, lead critical conversations on April 6th at the 22nd MPLS SD & AI Networld22 conference in Paris, in addition to being an event sponsor. 

Founder & CEO Rahul Aggarwal presented on the critical importance of Topology in next generation AI/ML-powered operations. Understanding networking constructs and relationships between them is essential to correlating multiple events into a single, operationally relevant, incident. This reduces noise and manual correlation. Business outcomes include improved KPIs, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced costs. 

VP Sales Engineering, Jean-Marc Uzé lead a panel of network operators in discussing “AI/ML adoption by SPs”. The message from the panel was clear “It is time to get AI/ML out of the lab and into production”, as it has already demonstrated the ability to detect anomalies not detected by traditional tools, reduce false positives for alarms, predict future defects, provide benefits for both infrastructure and SD-WAN use cases, and reduce mean time to detect and repair (MTTD & MTTR). One operator spoke of 30 million in savings from initial use cases, while another spoke of the potentially paradigm shifting effect of mean time to detect (MTTD) going from a positive number to a negative number. 

The message is clear, it is time to get AI/ML out of the labs and into production. 

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Augtera Networks stops the noise, enables proactive operations, and prevents incidents, for Enterprise and Service Provider networks. The first AI/ML-powered network operations platform, Augtera is being used by hyperscale cloud platforms, financial institutions, communications service providers, managed service providers, and enterprises in multiple verticals. Additional information can be found at  

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