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Data Center Network AIOps Solution Announcement

Today, July 19th, 2022, Augtera Networks announced the first holistic Data Center Network AIOps solution. Press release here.

Data Center Network AIOps Solution

What do we mean by a solution?

We have spent three years working with some of the largest Data Center Network Operations teams to understand their pain points and use cases. We have also listened and implemented support for APIs, ITSM integrations, equipment / vendor integrations, data types, and constructs relevant to Data Center networks. This solution engineering transforms Network AIOps from a technology platform to an integrated part of how a Network Operations team already works, or a vision of how it wants to work. 

Data Center Network AIOps Solution makes core technology usable within a compelling customer context.

Network operations teams are increasingly realizing that the status quo, running faster and faster, is not going to keep pace. Instead, the overall workload for skilled network operations professionals must be decreased. Network AIOps enables this necessary transformation of working smarter and more efficiently.

Data Center Network AIOps Solutions Engineering

There are too many aspects of solution engineering to discuss them all. A quick summary of a few:

  • Data Center constructs such as Top of Rack, Spine, POD, and Data Center Interconnect
  • Common equipment types including switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls
  • Important vendors, for example Arista Networks, Cisco Systems, Dell Enterprise SONiC, F5, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks
  • Critical use cases, for instance Optical anomalies, Link flaps or anomalous errors, BGP gray failures and Border router congestion
  • Important ITSM integrations like ServiceNow and Slack.
Data Center Network AIOps Solution is based on the pain points and use cases specific the Data Center

For more information on how the Augtera Networks Data Center Solution is engineered for Data Center network operations, see: Data Center Solutions Brief and the Data Center Solution Page.

Data Center Network AIOps Customer Results

Network AIOps is a transformative approach to anomaly detection, incident root identification, noise / alert / ticket reduction, and auto-mitigation/remediation. Network Operations processes and data go from being manual, reactive, and noisy, to automated, proactive, and operationally relevant. Less incidents require action, future failures can be prevented, routine tasks can be automated, and skilled resources can spend more focused time on the most important incidents, planning, and architecture/design – further reducing future incidents. While many network operations tools become just another data silo adding to the network operations team workload, Network AIOps reduces the overall Network Operations workload.

As a result of adopting Augtera’s Data Center Network AIOps solution, customers have:

  • Reduced mean time to detect (MTTD) / action by 90%+
  • Reduced mean time to mitigation (MTTM) by 50%+
  • Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR) by 40%+
  • Increased mean time between incidents by 4 times

For example, where it may have previously taken over 40 minutes for an engineer to action an incident, it now takes a minute, or less. In addition, there are less incidents to action. This is a dramatic increase in productivity.


Augtera Networks developed the First Network AIOps platform. The platform has evolved through solution engineering to address the specific needs of Data Center Network Operations teams. This is the first holistic Network AIOps solution for Data Center Networks, with capabilities far exceeding previous generation network operations tools.

Network Operations teams are suffering from alert fatigue, increasing complexity, and the inability to differentiate between what is noise and what is operationally relevant. Network AIOps transforms Network Operations from manual, reactive, and noisy to automated, proactive, and relevant.

Augtera’s Network AIOps Data Center Solution – the first and leading solution for Data Center Network Operations teams.

Solution Resources

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